Keep those Pests Away!
Cedar Flakeboard Panels Added
to an Outdoor Shed

Amanda from Love and Renovations wanted to cut down on the bugs and pests that were starting to call their outdoor shed home.  So they added our 100% Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar 4×8 Flakeboard Panels to help repel them away!

Cedar flakeboard panels  are the perfect addition to outdoor sheds, garages, closets and more because it naturally repels moths, cockroaches, silverfish & other household pests, as well as resists mildew. 

CedarSafe doesn’t chemically treat or alter the wood in any way – it’s 100% natural, and 100% proudly made and produced in the USA. When you support CedarSafe, you’re supporting a local, US company!  For the full scoop on their shed project, head on over to Love & Renovations!