Beautiful & Easy DIY Cedar Lined Ceiling

When you’re remodeling your bathroom, many people forget the ceiling. They get so focused on the vanities and bathtub and floor and counters, that they forget what’s over their heads! 

Amanda from Love & Renovations has been renovating her bathroom, and just knew she had to partner with CedarSafe again to give her bathroom a beautiful touch. She’s done it before – her last cedar ceiling was a huge hit.

Cedar is great for bathrooms and other high-moisture areas because it’s mildew resistant, and CedarSafe’s Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is 100% natural. That means no added chemicals or treatments that will seep into the air! Additionally, cedar naturally repels and resists: 

  • moths
  • cockroaches
  • silverfish
  • other harmful household pests. 

Tools You'll Need

Check out the full tutorial over at Love & Renovations, as well as some tips to care for your cedar. 

The first step is simple – measure our the square footage of your room (multiply the longest wall in length times the longest width wall). Then, use our Project Planner to figure out how many boxes of product you’ll need for your project. 

Next, decide which direction you’d like your planks to run. Try to find the most straight wall, or maybe even the longest. Use a staggered pattern, (like long, medium, short. or short, long, medium. Whatever makes the most appealing pattern to you!) 

Finally, trim out your ceiling – some people will just take leftover boards and rip them down to make their own trim. Some people will buy cheap trim from your local home improvement store and stain it. If you can find it, our CedarSafe cedar moulding is a fantastic option. (Ask your local Do It Best!)

Our official recommendation is that you do not seal your cedar boards. Sealing it can cause it to warp, and disfigure your new project. But stain it all you’d like!