Closet Organization

Although most of us can hardly believe it (especially us here in the southeast – can you say six whole inches of snow last week?!) spring is on the way. That means hundreds of organization tips, spring cleaning blog posts, and makeover inspiration pins are popping up all over the Read more…

Give ‘Em What They Want

Sure, as a remodeling pro, you’ve got the skills to turn something hum drum into something that wows your clients. But do you have everything your clients are looking for? What turns good remodelers into great remodelers? Here are a few tips:

1. Show you’re honest. People are hanging on even tighter to their money these days, and if they’re going to spend it on a remodeling job, they want to know they’re dealing with someone honest who’s not going to take them for the proverbial ride. It can be easy to up-sell someone on a product or material they don’t really need, but you’re only hurting (more…)