Sure, as a remodeling pro, you’ve got the skills to turn something hum drum into something that wows your clients. But do you have everything your clients are looking for? What turns good remodelers into great remodelers? Here are a few tips:

1. Show you’re honest. People are hanging on even tighter to their money these days, and if they’re going to spend it on a remodeling job, they want to know they’re dealing with someone honest who’s not going to take them for the proverbial ride. It can be easy to up-sell someone on a product or material they don’t really need, but you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Our advice? Put all the options out there, but if the high-end product won’t really benefit the client, tell them so. You’ll gain their trust – and possibly their referral to friends – in the process.

2. Show you’ve got style. When remodelers begin their careers, they tend to include all their work in their portfolios. That makes sense, when you only have a few jobs to rely on. But once you’ve honed your work, try editing your portfolio to only your very best, most creative, most stylish work. Potential clients don’t want to pour over image after image – they’ll often make up their minds about hiring you upon seeing the first one you show them. So make sure it’s your absolute best work.

3. Show that you’re business savvy too. No one likes it when they write a check to someone who doesn’t deposit it for a few weeks. Or when they get an incomplete, handwritten invoice. Or when they don’t get a prompt call back from a message they left. Sure, you’re in the business of remodeling, but remember – people want to deal with a professional. Make sure you’re tending to the paperwork side of your business. Even if your work is great, a sloppy business job can ruin your reputation.

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