Spring into Summer with a DIY Cedar Planter + Bench

Amanda over at Love & Renovations created a beautiful and versatile cedar planter + bench. It’s a functional and appealing way to add storage for plants and seating – all at the same time! 

Cedar is perfect for your porch or backyard project because it naturally repels moths, cockroaches, silverfish & other household pests, as well as resists mildew. 

CedarSafe planks come in 15 or 35 sq ft packs for tongue & groove, or 15 sq ft packs for shiplap. 

CedarSafe doesn’t chemically treat or alter the wood in any way – it’s 100% natural, and 100% made and produced in the USA. We use recycled materials for our boxes, so when you support CedarSafe, you’re supporting a local, US business! 

Remember: if it’s not CedarSafe, it’s not cedar safe!

Tools You'll Need

  • (4) of 8-ft 1×3 boards
  • (2) of 8-ft 2×2 boards 
  • (5) of 8-ft 1×2  boards
  • 1 box of 15sq ft CedarSafe Cedar Planks
  • Drill or Driver
  • Nail Gun 
  • Wood Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Clamps
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Wood sealant 
  • Optional: Paint, Stain
  1. To begin with, pick the place you’d like to place your planter, and make sure it’s level. 
  2. Assemble four panels for the bench, and install the CedarSafe planks in backwards – remember, you’re installing them so that they face out
  3. Assemble your panels, and attach the legs. 
  4. If you want to place plants directly into the planter, you might want to reinforce the walls. 
  5. Add Slats
  6. Finishing Touches

For the full step-by-step tutorial, head on over to Love & Renovations. 

This outdoor cedar planter + bench is the perfect Beginning of Summer project. It’s beautiful, versatile, and will smell great!


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