Aromatic Eastern Redcedar

Growth Distribution of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar
Growth Distribution of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar
Aromatic Eastern Redcedar, also known as Juniperus Virginiana, is one of 13 Juniper species native to the United States. Eastern Redcedar is found only in the United States, most prevalent in the eastern and central parts of the U. S., predominantly in four states. According to the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Industry Analysis, 53% of all Eastern Redcedar trees are found in Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Missouri. Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is a small conical-shaped evergreen. Its wood is fragrant, reddish-brown, easily-worked, and very durable. The Eastern Redcedar thrives in limestone based soils and grows naturally in the wild.

The Eastern Redcedar tree has many properties that set it apart from other trees referred to as cedar. The scent of the naturally occurring oil in the wood not only blends well with floral fragrances for perfumes, but the aroma and the beauty of the wood lends itself to many practical applications within home interiors.

The primary use of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is for lining closets and additional enclosed areas to protect clothes, linens, and other valuables from damage due to moths, cockroaches, silverfish, and mildew. Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is a chemical-free, non-toxic alternative to other harmful insect repellents that adds effortless elegance to any closet, pantry, or installed area.

To learn more about repellent properties of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar, please review the scientific study conducted by Auburn University.