Cedar closets are becoming more and more popular in new home builds and professional renovations. We’ve found that most people believe cedar is expensive, costly to maintain, and difficult to install. All three assumptions are wrong!

Cedar planks and panels are well within most do-it-yourself budgets. We regularly offer coupon codes for 20% off Project Paks, cedar moulding, and cedar oil to help you stick to your budget. Installing Cedarsafe planks or panels doesn’t require any heavy duty or fancy carpentry tools. You probably have everything you need to complete your project already. As for maintenance, if the cedar scent of your planks starts to fade, all you have to do it lightly sand the surface and apply cedar oil. Easy!

If you don’t feel ready to tackle a closet project, we offer a number of small cedar accessories to use in your home, such as cedar sachets, cedar scent balls, and drawer liners.

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