Jamie Lott - Man Closet MakeoverA lot of closets that we feature are created by women and for women. We all know that cedar looks lovely with pretty white shelves, feminine accessories, and lots and lots of high heels.

What you may not know is that adding an industrial design to your cedar closet looks just as amazing and makes the perfect “Man Closet.” Everyone would love to have a cedar closet, especially that special man in your life. Jamie from Southern Revivals has some great ideas for giving your husband, boyfriend, son, or dad the perfect Man Closet. With galvanized pipes, Ikea-hacked shelves, and DIY shoe storage this closet will make the lucky recipient feel “like he’s somebody!”

You can head on over to Jamie’s blog to find out how she hacked her shelves, built the shoe storage, and put everything together to create an awesome Man Closet that any guy would love to have.

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