ImageToday we’d like to share a simple idea from our friends at the Woodworking Network.

Valet rods are the ideal solution for temporarily hanging clothes. Also known as “valet pins,” this mini version of a standard valet rod differs in several ways from a standard valet rod.

As the name implies, the Insert Valet Rod is installed into a panel’s edge rather than fastened to the side of a vertical panel. For this reason, the insert style offers more versatility and places where it can be used. It is very common to have 2 or 3 per closet. Other areas of use are the laundry room and utility closet.

It is important to note that a minimum of ¾” panel thickness is required to install any insert style valet. Installation is made easy by a specific jig kit that is sold separately. The kit usually consists of a drill guide that automatically centers the hole in a panels’ edge, plus the proper drill bit that perfectly creates the right size hole.

This type of valet rod or pin is secured via a pressure fit. The front section of the valet barrel has a “knurled finish” that keeps the valet secure in a properly sized and drilled hole. Once the hole is in place, installation is simple by pressing the valet in place and using a soft head hammer to seat it completely in the hole.

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