Since 1939, Giles and Kendall, Inc., the manufacturer of CedarSafe Planks and Panels, has concentrated on making the finest products from 100% Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar. All of our products are sourced and manufactured in the USA using sustainable manufacturing processes that minimally impact the environment.

When it comes to quality, our Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Solid Planking is hands down the best in the market! Our wood is kiln dried and the moisture content closely monitored to ensure product quality. Our finishing process creates the smoothest finish on the market. Our inspection process ensures that product uniformity is superior, giving customers unsurpassed quality with ease of installation and beauty.

Our Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar Flakeboard Panels offer the same processing quality and protection as our Planking, but at a fraction of the cost. The binding agent we use is formaldehyde free and 100% green. We pay special attention to the processing parameters, just as we do with our Planking.

The primary use of our Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar products has been for lining closets and storage areas to protect clothes, linens, and other valuables from damage due to moths, cockroaches, silverfish, and mildew.  Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is a chemical-free, non-toxic alternative to other harmful insect repellents that adds effortless elegance to any closet, pantry, or installed area. It also can be used for accent walls, bathrooms, washrooms and pet areas. If you would like more information about any of our products, please visit the About page.

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