Geometric Cedar Feature WallIf you’re feeling up for an ambitious weekend (or two or three) project, then Gwen from The Bold Abode may just have a project for you. If you love aromatic cedar and wood feature walls, this DIY geometric feature wall is right up your alley. With a few boxes of CedarSafe aromatic cedar planks, a miter saw, and some patience you could recreate this beautiful wall in your own home.

Not only would a project like this look beautiful in your foyer (like Gwen’s), but it would also bring a touch of individuality to a bedroom, living room, or even a powder room. Dress up a three-quarter wall with a mantle for decorations, or do the entire wall. Paint or stain a few of the triangles for added interest. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Head on over to Gwen’s blog for more pictures and inspiration. She has some great advice on equipment to use and cutting around the awkward shapes you may encounter. Don’t forget to leave her a comment letting her know how awesome and dedicated she is!

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