Protect your clothes with cedar balls, cedar blocks, cedar sachets, and cedar accessories

You can’t put cedar panels and planks everywhere, but with small cedar products, you can still protect your clothes and linens while they’re in storage boxes, drawers or wardrobes. There’s not much point in protecting your in season clothes with cedar if you’re going to place out of season items in a box in the attic where bugs and critters can gnaw holes in your clothes and the musky smell of mold and mildew can seep in. Before storing clothes, be sure to wash and dry them well at home or have them professionally laundered. (more…)

What We’re Thankful For

It’s the time of year when everyone counts their blessings, and our business is no exception.

We are always grateful for our customers – without you, there would be no CedarSafe! Whether you’re a remodeler, decorator, designer or DIY’er, we truly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come.

We’re thankful for our employees, who work hard every day to ensure we’re providing the best product available.

We’re thankful for being able to provide a “green” product that not only works well, but is helping to preserve our environment. We’re grateful that we can be just a small part of the solution.  (more…)