Why CedarSafe?

CedarSafe is manufactured and produced in the USA. When you buy CedarSafe, you're supporting a local business.


CedarSafe is a USGBC member, providing green products for anyone from contractors to DIY-ers. We provide aromatic cedar of the highest quality - 100% Made in the USA.

100% Natural

100% Natural

Due to cedar's inherent abilities, we don't need to treat our cedar, which makes it a safe, natural alternative to other planking and flakeboard products.

Sell Your Cedar

We buy cedar logs! Contact us today to sell your cedar logs!

Why Choose Aromatic Cedar?

Aromatic Cedar just makes sense. Our Eastern Red Cedar not only looks and smells luxurious, but CedarSafe’s 100% Natural Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar products are surprisingly affordable, easy to install and green.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

The inherent repellent quality of Aromatic Cedar not only protects your clothes and home from mildew, but also protects from unwanted insect pests, such as cockroaches and silverfish, and moths.

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