DIY Cedar Barn Quilt by Amber Oliver

barn quilt

Amber Oliver, from, has created this amazing DIY cedar barn quilt! 

It took about 1 hour to create and 1 hour to dry, for a total of 2 hours – pretty fast, for a super cute DIY project! 

What you’ll need: 

  • Cedar planks 
  • Wood glue
  • Pink and red paint (or pick your own colors!)
  • 1×2 board 
  • Miter Saw
cedar barn quilt saw


Step One: Cut your CedarSafe cedar planks into perfect squares. Use the built-in ruler on your saw, or hand-measure out your squares. 

Step Two: Adjust the saw, cutting the squares at 45 degree angles. Separate out the cross cuts, flipping over the boards to cut the opposite angles

Step Three: Cut your back board, laying out your design and measuring to ensure you have the right about of board. 

Step Four: Cut 1×2 trim boards for the sides. Measure for the top & bottom, then cut for those.

diy cedar barn quilt cut
diy cedar barn quilt paint
diy cedar barn quilt glue

Step Five: Paint your inner pieces in the checkerboard pattern that you link. Paint your trim to match, or to stand out! 

Step Six: Glue and assemble your design onto the board board. 

Step Seven: Add your trim! 

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