“GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!” It’s everywhere you look these days. Go green. Be environmental. Love the planet. It’s all well and good, but you’re just trying to get through the workday and get your jobs done. Whether you’re a remodeler, an interior designer or a decorator, the benefits of going green for your clients (and your business) are increasing. We know – you don’t have time to think about what’s for lunch, much less how to “go green” in your daily jobs.

But you need to. And here’s why: 

Going green will boost your street cred. Or at least your industry cred.

Sure, using sustainable products is good for the environment. But you’re running a business, and in tough economic times, at the end of the day you want clients. We all know that the best way to get new clients for home remodeling jobs is through referrals. Offering green solutions for happy clients can make those referrals even better.

Going green is cool. It’s a buzz word not only in the industry, but in society as a whole, and it’s what people are looking for. Everyone is trying to take small steps to save the environment (not to mention save some cash), and if you have a green “hook,” you – and your services – become that much more attractive to potential clients. Imagine the conversation:

Potential client: “We’re really looking for some environmentally friendly components in our new space. Are you able to offer anything like that?”

You: “Absolutely! We’ve been green for quite some time now – it’s something we believe in. I’ll send you some samples of a few great green products we can work with.”

Automatically you’ve established yourself as a professional who keeps up with new products and new industry standards, which will probably give your clients even more faith in you. They’ll think, “Gosh – if he’s keeping up with green initiatives, he’s probably got all kinds of other new products and ideas he can share with us! He’s really on top of his game.”

Then, when the project is complete and your client tells her friends about her fantastic remodeler who not only did a great job, but used green materials, you become even more desirable. It’s a win-win.

Even if going green is relatively new to you, there are lots of small ways you can begin. Incorporating CedarSafe products is just one of those ways. Cedar is a sustainable, green product that’s also high-end. That’s a win-win too.