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GREEN. Sustainable. Safe. Smart.

We believe you deserve GREEN products that can protect your home naturally and chemical-free.

Our cedar planks, cedar panels, cedar moulding, and other cedar wood accessories can protect your home and clothes, without ANY added chemical treatments that can harm your family or pets.  Additionally, our cedar products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices, with one of the most sustainable harvested trees, the Juniperus Virginiana.

Aromatic Cedar is the best natural way to protect your clothes and home from unwanted insects and mildew because of the naturally-derived oil that is in 100% Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar.

How does Eastern Red Cedar protect your home and clothes naturally?  The essential oil contained in Eastern Red Cedar is highly aromatic, which makes cedar wood an effective insect repellent.  The scent overpowers them and interferes with the neuroreceptors the insects use for navigation.  That’s why it is a perfect GREEN choice for lining closets and enclosed areas to protect clothes, linens, and other valuables from damage due to moths, cockroaches, silverfish. Cedar wood is also an absorbent material which helps prevent mildew in areas prone to moisture.

Fun fact:  One of the natural components in Eastern Red Cedar is called ‘Cedrol’.  It’s a ‘sesquiterpene alcohol’ used in the chemistry of aroma compounds.  It’s essentially what gives Eastern Red Cedar it’s amazing smell!  Sometimes Cedrol can harden as a white substance on the wood and you can simply wipe it off.

Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar is a chemical-free, non-toxic alternative to other harmful insect repellents.  It makes a beautiful design statement and a smart GREEN product choice.

You can find our products in your major retail stores!