Do you have an old cedar hope chest or cedar-lined closet that’s lost its aroma and protective qualities? You don’t have to replace the cedar or sand it down to refresh the scent of the Aromatic Cedar. In fact, renewing your old cedar closet is easy and inexpensive.

Over time, as your cedar closet or chest is exposed to oxygen, the naturally occurring oil in the wood oxidizes and is brought to the surface in a crystal-like form. Since the oil is what gives the wood its protective qualities, you can use Giles & Kendall 100% Aromatic Cedarwood Oil to rejuvenate your cedar liner simply by using a dry cloth to wipe a small amount onto the wood (one 8 oz. can covers 300 square feet). The cedar wood will then absorb the oil, and your closet will be like new again. Using this method, your clothes will be protected for many years to come!

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