You know that cedar repels bugs and keeps your clothes and accessories safe from little critters, but just WHAT are you avoiding when you install cedar closets? In short – holey clothes.

Cedar has been shown to be effective in repelling moths, roaches and silverfish – not exactly the types of visitors you want invading your closets. Synthetic fibers can resist these critters, but if your closet is home to garments made of natural fibers – wool, linen or silk – an unprotected closet may mean that your favorite sweater is bound for the garbage can. 

What makes moths attack clothes? It’s the same reason that termites attack wood – they thrive on the keratin in natural fibers and use it as a source of energy. It’s their food. And they typically attack clothing in an area that’s been stained with food or that contains body oils. If your clothes are jammed in your closet, creating lots of little crevices for critters, consider purging and giving them a little room to breathe. Check inconspicuous places on natural garments, like under arms, to see if these insects have already made a home in something you haven’t worn in a while.

How does cedar help? The oil in cedar is a repellant that impedes the growth of these insects. And the more cedar, the fewer pests. And because cedar is natural, you get a pleasant aroma, not a chemical smell that infests your clothing.

Read our in-depth study of cedar’s ability to repel insects, performed at Auburn University.