It’s the garage! Think about it. How many people actually pull their vehicles into the garage everyday and use it for vehicle storage ONLY? Not many.

Ideally, homeowners want to pull their cars or trucks in while having plenty of additional room to store other items or to use as a workspace. So help them make the most of the largest open space they own. Shelving, hanging storage, cabinetry, cubbies, all create options for remodeling projects for you.

And what about that door. Most houses are dominated by that one feature. It becomes another area where clever remodelers can help homeowners itching for a bit of change add a large dose of style with unusual hardware, materials, window shapes or glass, molding, or simply installing some of the beautiful doors now available.

So give your clients options and dazzle them with your ingenuity. Think sleek, glossy floors rather than oil-stained, grey concrete or bright blocks of colors on the walls instead of off-white scuffed up paint or some unusual but utilitarian light fixtures for work or laundry areas. The possibilities are endless. And to spark your imagination, read these ideas. Your clients will love your creativity and out of the (garage) box thinking for their storage conundrums.

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