Just 11 Days Until IBS!

Excitement abounds for the International Builder’s Show each and every year in anticipation of the extreme measures exhibitors will take to make their booths look fantastic. IBS is all about showmanship, and Giles & Kendall is ready to deliver. The beginning stages of the planning process for our booth took Read more…

Boost Your Street Cred by Going Green

“GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!” It’s everywhere you look these days. Go green. Be environmental. Love the planet. It’s all well and good, but you’re just trying to get through the workday and get your jobs done. Whether you’re a remodeler, an interior designer or a decorator, the benefits of going green for your clients (and your business) are increasing. We know – you don’t have time to think about what’s for lunch, much less how to “go green” in your daily jobs.

But you need to. And here’s why:  (more…)