You can’t put cedar panels and planks everywhere, but with small cedar products, you can still protect your clothes and linens while they’re in storage boxes, drawers or wardrobes. There’s not much point in protecting your in season clothes with cedar if you’re going to place out of season items in a box in the attic where bugs and critters can gnaw holes in your clothes and the musky smell of mold and mildew can seep in. Before storing clothes, be sure to wash and dry them well at home or have them professionally laundered.

Here are some of our favorite small cedar products. Many of these would make GREAT Christmas gifts as well!

Cedar hookup – Place these on hangers with your garments that are in closets or garment bags. You can also hang them on their own in the back of the closet.

Cedar drawer liner – These liners provide a great way to protect clothes and keep them fresh even in dressers and chest of drawers.

Cedar sachet – Add one or two to drawers, storage boxes or wardrobes to provide the fresh, natural cedar aroma. You can also hang these up in closets.

Cedar scent balls – Perfect for smaller drawers that house socks, undergarments or towels in the kitchen. These are small enough to easily fit between folded or stacked garments without making them take up any additional space.

Cedar scent blocks – These also fit easily in drawers, boxes and garment bags. If their scent diminishes over the years, just sand it down lightly, then wipe with a damp cloth to restore the original freshness.

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