ImageDid you know that we use 100% of every Eastern Redcedar tree that enters our manufacturing process? Did you ever wonder which cedar products come from which parts of the tree? Keep reading, and we’ll explain exactly where each part of each tree ends up!

First, the interior of the logs provide the material to produce our most popular product, tongue and groove planks. We use the smaller ends of the logs to provide the flakes for the flakeboard panels. The sawdust and downfall from these production processes is used to make cedar oil. After the oil is removed from the sawdust and production downfall, this sawdust is burned in a steam boiler to generate energy for the production process. The energy production is carbon-neutral and generates no greenhouse gasses. Finally, the outside slabs and bark are turned into mulch and returned to the environment.

If you’d like to learn more about the production process, contact us via our website, here.

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