Do you love the modern farmhouse look?

We do too!

And it’s easily achievable!

Even better!

A couple of elements that every modern farmhouse needs is nature-inspired decor, something vintage, a hint of metal, warm wood tones and Boom! You have nailed the hottest trend in home decor.

Here’s how to recreate our look – in reverse order. Just for fun!

We found the the decor at our local craft store and one of our favorite vintage stores. Do you have a “vintage store” in your hometown? We hope so because there’s no better way to spend the afternoon than to go junkin’.

Make sure to choose decor with varying heights and widths for balance.

The fireplace is a media console from and then distressed. It brought tears to eyes to beat up a piece we just built, but the result was well worth it!

Finally, we added our CedarSafe planking to bring whole space together (well it was really the first thing we did!). The Aromatic Cedar makes the fireplace really pop! Don’t you think?!

Nature-Inspired Mantle with CedarSafe Planking

Nature-Inspired Mantle with CedarSafe Planking

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