If you’re having trouble with moths eating holes in your clothes or silverfish destroying your books and linens then you’ve probably researched many different ways to get rid of these insects. The most well-known way to get rid of moths and silverfish is mothballs. But who wants to put chemicals in their homes? The chemicals used in mothballs might actually be a carcinogen! The best and healthiest alternative to mothballs is aromatic cedar.

Aroamtic Eastern Redcedar naturally repel moths, cockroaches, and silverfish. You may have read in one of our blog posts that cedar wood has an aroma that’s unpleasant to these insect pests. CedarSafe packages Aromatic Cedar wood in its natural form. We don’t add any chemicals, finishes, or preservatives.

You can also read more about our Green manufacturing facility at our cedar oil website. Our harvesting practices and manufacturing process are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Leave us a comment if you have any questions about how the Eastern Redcedar tree becomes CedarSafe planking and paneling!

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