ThinkstockPhotos-89893483Let me guess. You probably think we are all the same. Flying around a lamppost at night. Disoriented by the brightness of the bulb. Unable to fixate on anything other than that shiny bright light.

Or perhaps you envision a swarm flying out of a storage closet that hasn’t been opened in years. Maybe you even picture several winged menaces feasting on all of your wool sweaters.

Well, I want to set the story straight for all moths that may have fallen victim to generalization.

First, there are well over 100,000 moth species, maybe even over 200,000. And while many moths prefer the dark, not all moths are nocturnal. Moths vary in size and appearance and in where they live and what they eat. Just like humans.

Next, while webbing clothes moth do like to consume wool sweaters, the adult moths you envision flying out of the closet are not responsible for the holes left behind. It’s the moth larvae that do the damage. And they don’t just eat wool. They may devour other natural materials such as silk and furs, and they particularly enjoy clothing stained with food and sweat.

You have also probably heard that cedar closets and chests repel moths. Well, that is true, but let me clarify. AROMATIC cedar has been shown to repel moths. And CedarSafe 100% Aromatic Cedar Closet Liners are an easy and affordable way to keep moths at bay. Visit the product page to learn more.

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