When you hear the word “closet”, your mind probably jumps immediately to your bedroom closet. But how’s your linen closet doing? We found some great tips for keeping linens fresh and the best way to store them in the following article from HGTV.

1. Store clean and dry.
Keep the linen closet fresh and preserve pretty fabrics by storing only clean, dry linens. Even if a tablecloth looks clean, any hidden stains will harden and discolor during storage. Body odors trapped in blankets can cause musty odors, while moisture encourages mildew.

2. Keep cool, dark, and dry.
The watchwords for proper linen storage: cool, dark and dry. In humid areas, packaged de-humidifying granules will help keep the linen closet free from moisture and mildew.

3. Take turns.
For best wear, ensure that you rotate linens. Place freshly washed towels at the bottom of the stack or draw clean sheets from the bottom of the pile to use all your linens in rotation.”

Read the full article HERE.

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