So you’ve cleaned out your closet, but your clothes are still a jumbled mess on your hanging rods. Our friends at HGTV have a method of organizing clothes called “clustering”.

According to the article: “A clothing “cluster” is a core group of five to eight clothing pieces that work together. A typical cluster might contain a plaid wool blazer with tones of camel, red and navy, a coordinating navy skirt, navy dress slacks, dark blue jeans, a red T-shirt and an ivory blouse. Dress it up and you have a suit look with blazer, skirt and blouse. Dress it down with the T-shirt and jeans, and toss the blazer over your shoulders for a casual outfit. Layer the blouse over the T-shirt and add the slacks for a committee meeting — you’ve mastered the art of the cluster!

Look at your culled closet with an eye to forming several clusters from your existing clothes. The main organizing principle is color, not season or style. Group similar-colored garments together, and think, “What could I add to this group to form a cluster?” A stay-at-home mom might cluster her pale denim jeans and white T-shirts with a pieced jean jacket, a coordinating vest and a long red tunic dress/sweater.”

Read the full article HERE.

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