Excitement abounds for the International Builder’s Show each and every year in anticipation of the extreme measures exhibitors will take to make their booths look fantastic. IBS is all about showmanship, and Giles & Kendall is ready to deliver.

The beginning stages of the planning process for our booth took about a month. The marketing department started out in November enthusiastic and eager to get started. But since this is our first time going to IBS in over ten years, a couple of challenges arose that we hadn’t anticipated.

During the first couple of weeks we struggled with how we could best show off both of our products and their many applications. Confounding the issue, we will be constrained to the 10 foot by 10 foot space we’re allotted, almost half of which will be taken up by a table full of sales and marketing materials. Size was a huge factor – we couldn’t build something too big, but we also wanted to build a closet that everyone could envision in their home.

One of our main goals was to emphasize the fact that you can use Aromatic Cedar Closet Liners outside of the master bedroom closet. Eventually we decided that two separate displays was the way to go – one side for a closet and one for a pantry. This idea gave us a great opportunity to use our Cedar Flakeboard as well as our Solid Tongue & Groove Planking.

Challenge number two came when we started drawing up plans for this double sided closet. You see, our Director of Sales and Marketing is going to have to assemble this closet on her own in Las Vegas. Not only does this closet have to be light enough that our five-foot three-inch sales director can put it together by herself, but it also has to fit on a pallet to be shipped across the country. Luckily, our Production team is pretty handy, and they had a plan!

Together, Marketing and Sales, Production, and Transportation collaborated to create a CedarSafe exhibit that all of us can be proud of. All that was left was to build it!

Here’s a sneak peek of the finished product. Look out for more pictures as we get closer to show time!


DSC_1606 DSC_1637