The benefits of cedar are not “old wives’ tales.” In fact, many homeowners today are rediscovering the wisdom of their grandmother who had a cedar chest to protect her “valuables.” At CedarSafe, we know she was ahead of her time and absolutely correct. However, only Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is scientifically proven to repel pests, such as roaches, silverfish and moths. That’s why we only produce 100% Aromatic Eastern Redcedar closet linings to protect your valuable possessions. 

In fact, entomologists at Auburn University performed a study to learn about how our Aromatic Eastern Redcedar repels insect pests. They evaluated the repellency of Aromatic Eastern Redcedar wood against several types and species of insects, including roaches and firebrats. Studies on cedar’s effects on moths had been done in the past.

They found that the cedar wood was significantly repellent to each of the species tested. Plus, they found that the greater the surface area of cedar paneling, the greater the degree of repellency.

“Based on the results of these experiments, cedar paneling is clearly repellent to German and brownbanded cockroaches and to firebrats,” the study said. “Each of these pests is found in the home as well as commercial establishments, such as restaurants, where they may cause damage to foodstuffs, transmit disease organisms, and themselves become allergens. The use of repellent-safe materials, like cedar, in “built-in” pest control could not only prevent the establishment of pest population, but aid in their control.”

There you have it – cedar doesn’t just emit a wonderful aroma – it’s scientific, too!