Remodeling a closet these days can be downright mindboggling. There are so many options available that, when a client wants a closet remodeled, they may not always know exactly what they want. Here are some questions to ask before the project begins:

  • How will the space be used? It’s getting more common to see closets used as dressing rooms. Chairs and other seating might need to be worked into the space plan.
  • What are they storing? Closets aren’t just for clothes and shoes anymore. Or even hats and jewelry. Purses, briefcases, guns, even art can find their way into the closet as a rotating or permanent storage space, requiring unique spaces or hangers.
  • Will the closet be his and hers? Men and women’s clothing and accessories can need different amounts of space, and height differences might need to be accommodated, too.
  • What kind of lighting do you prefer? A large closet needs a few different lighting sources, like can lights, a lamp or two and in-cabinet lighting. Windows and skylights in the closet are great for clients who desire natural lighting.
  • What finishes do you want in the closet? Gone are the days of builder white paint in the closet, a pole, shelf and nothing else. Wallpaper, artwork, chandeliers — items once reserved for the public spaces in the house are more common in closets.
  • What about cedar? Cedar isn’t just for protecting against moths and humidity — it also looks and smells great. Our cedar planks are perfect for providing homeowners with a designer feel to their closet, even on the smallest of budgets.
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