What a great time to highlight our 100% Aromatic Cedar Oil because not only can our steam-distilled oil be used to rejuvenate a cedar closet, but it’s also used in many perfumes! Eastern Redcedar (or Juniperus Virginiana as it’s referred to in the perfume industry) oil blends incredibly well with floral fragrances, to make beautiful woodsy perfumes.

Today, we’d like to share just how we make out 100% Aromatic Eastern Redcedar Oil.

As you may know already, the Eastern Redcedar tree grows abundantly in the wild, and we buy trees harvested by area loggers. We employ a steam distillation process to avoid unwanted impurities that can result from solvent distillation.

We use three retorts in our distillation process that each holds 1500 cubic feet of Eastern Redcedar wood. Once the retorts are filled with processed cedar, steam is applied to extract the oil. This steam is generated using water drawn from local aquifers. The water is processed through our boiler, which is fueled using our own wood byproducts.

What’s left from that process is a pale yellow oil that makes perfume smell great and refreshes your cedar closet.