Did you miss our special on Cedar Oil in May? Not to worry, because it’s back! For the month of October you can receive 20% off our Cedar Oil with coupon code “Oil20”! Don’t know the importance of refreshing your cedar closet, or unsure of the proper way to use cedar oil? We’ll give you a quick rundown.

Cedar Oil is 100% natural oil of aromatic eastern redcedar wood. The most common use of cedar oil is to bring back the fresh scent of a cedar closet that has faded or disappeared completely with age. The process of renewing your closet with cedar oil is quick and easy, and so simple that even a beginner can successfully rehabilitate their closet.

First, remove all clothing, storage boxes, and shelves from the closet. Use a vacuum to clean dust from the walls, baseboards, and molding. Do not use any water to wipe down the cedar planks or board. Apply the cedar oil evenly on all cedar surfaces with a clean, dry rag. Give the oil a change to soak in and penetrate the cedar planks, and give the closet a chance to air out, before moving your clothing and personal items back inside.

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