Fabric Storage (1)

Your fine silks and wools aren’t the only thing that deserve the protection of aromatic cedar. For all you quilters and sewers out there, silverfish and moths can both destroy cotton and linens. But the good news is aromatic cedar will protect your fabrics from the disastrous effects of these insects.

Many quilters like to have different quilts every every holiday, and storing your off-season quilts in a cedar-lined chest will ensure that you can use your favorite quilts for many many years. Don’t forget about your yet-to-be-used fabric, either! No one wants to cut around damage caused by moths and silverfish. Lining a plastic storage container with aromatic cedar to store your fabric will prevent that trouble. You can even line your shelves with cedar if you prefer to keep all of your fabric out on display for easy access.

However you choose to store your fabrics and quilts, make sure CedarSafe is there to protect them.

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