Unique Garage Makeovers: Cedar Flakeboard Accent Wall

Sean and Morgan over at Charleston Crafted have been on a roll lately with the beautiful cedar projects! The happy duo are doing a complete garage makeover, and were kind enough to include a CedarSafe ProjectPak Cedar Flakeboard accent wall!

The DIY-ers over at Charleston Crafted have been hard at work giving their garage a makeover. 

After our great collab with the Creative Cedar Bathroom Storage, they were interested in doing another cedar project – and we knew just the right product! 

Our 100% natural OSB flakeboard is perfect for garages – with’s cedar’s natural odor absorbing abilities, pest-repellancy, and mildew-resistance properties, it’s a great fit for otherwise drab spaces.

CedarSafe’s 100% Natural Flakeboard: 

  • Repels cockroaches, silverfish, moths, & other household pests 
  • Resists mildew
  • Can help with odor

Tools You'll Need

That’s it! CedarSafe Flakeboard panels are incredibly easy to install, and you will start smelling those aromatic benefits from the Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar right away.

If your cedar isn’t as aromatic as you’d like it to be, lightly sand it and give it a light spritz of our Cedar Oil. This will bring back the great smell!

Remember: If it’s not CedarSafe, it’s not cedar safe!

Charleston Crafted has been completely making over their garage. However, the saw station, by the electrical panel, was looking a little forlorn and bare. And that’s where CedarSafe Flakeboard comes in! 

The original space was visually unappealing – Sean threw up particle board to hold some tools in place, but exposed wiring and power tools just don’t mix. 

CedarSafe Flakeboard is hefty, but still lightweight, making it a quick, easy project – Charleston Crafted completed this DIYCedar project in under an hour! If you’re working in an area without anything on the walls yet, you might not even need a saw! 

Check out the original Charleston Crafted blog to see a full review of our CedarSafe Flakeboard. Tell us what you think in the comments below!