Beware of who you invite home for dinner.

The new object of your affection lives life on the edge. He has a reputation of breaking girls’ hearts, but you just can’t accept the rumors to be true. So you invite him home for dinner.

Needless to say, you know your mother won’t approve.

Yes. Your mother has always given sound advice. Whether it was about boys, eating a well-balanced diet, or getting enough rest, no one knew better than Mama.

But besides Mr. Heartbreaker, did your mother ever warn you about another unwanted dinner guest? The one that if an appearance was made during Thanksgiving dinner, she would have nightmares for years? The one that would cause her to run right out the door if she spotted this diner at her favorite restaurant? The one she would never willingly invite into her home?

So what could be deemed your mother’s worst nightmare? The most unwelcomed dinner guest?


Hopefully, your mother advised you about aromatic cedar. Aromatic cedar can safely and naturally repel this unwanted pest, the cockroach. Additionally, it is easy and affordable to install in your pantry and kitchen cabinets to protect against these nasty little creatures. Visit CedarSafe’s product page to learn more.

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