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Murphy’s Law of IBS

Jennifer arrived in Las Vegas on Monday ready to prepare for the biggest three day event in the construction world, and as soon as she got to the show site disaster struck.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. We knew that something would probably go wrong – it’s impossible to prepare for every scenario. Luckily, Jennifer didn’t have any big issues arise during set up! Those practice sessions definitely paid off, so despite the fact that her pallet was not by her booth (she had to carry every piece of the closet to where her booth was) and her drill lost power before she even started, she got the whole booth put together on time and looking fantastic.

Booth Photo

The final day of IBS Vegas 2015 kicks off in about 2 hours, so stop by Booth S1255 today if you haven’t already! We look forward to seeing you there!

The Final Countdown to IBS

More than 1,300 exhibitors will attend the International Builders Show next week, including 135 in the category of millwork/wood products. While there will most likely be products available from a multitude of wood species, we wanted to share with you a couple of quick facts on how Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is different from the rest.…Continue Reading

One Week to Go!

The International Builders’ Show is just 7 days away! Although we’ve already shipped our booth to Las Vegas, we wanted to give you a sneak peek at the finished displays. If you recall from our last post, our Director of Sales & Marketing will have to assemble the closet displays by herself the night before…Continue Reading

Just 11 Days Until IBS!

Excitement abounds for the International Builder’s Show each and every year in anticipation of the extreme measures exhibitors will take to make their booths look fantastic. IBS is all about showmanship, and Giles & Kendall is ready to deliver. The beginning stages of the planning process for our booth took about a month. The marketing…Continue Reading