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Stairs – Maximizing Storage Underneath

Can you relate to this?

You purchase a home, and you are ecstatic when you finally get to move in. As you unpack all of your belongings, you are in awe by all of the closet and cabinet storage. It’s more storage than you’ve ever had before! How will you ever fill up all of this extra space?!!!

Fast forward five years.

Your family situation changes. Kids are added to the family. Kids grow up. Kids move back home. (You get the picture.) And as your family changes, so does the amount of STUFF you accumulate. You really only have three choices. Ditch the stuff. Ditch the home. Ditch the kids…just kidding. You do have a fourth choice available − maximize the space that exists within your home, every single unused inch of it.

One untapped area of your home where you may find a storage gold mine rests under the stairs. While the architecture of your home may dictate some of your storage design, the possibilities are really endless. The space under your stairs can be transformed with shelving, drawers, desks, hooks…you name it. Check out this great article on for more inspiration.

Under Stairs Storage
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Under Stairs Storage
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Depending on what you are storing in your newly found space under the stairs, you may want to consider including aromatic cedar from CedarSafe in your design. Not only is aromatic cedar aesthetically and fragrantly appealing, but CedarSafe 100% Aromatic Cedar planks and panels offer protection from common insect pests such as moths, silverfish, and cockroaches. So whether you are keeping your pantry cockroach free or protecting your wool coats from moths, your storage space will be both functional and beautiful!

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