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Check It Out!: Custom Mahogany & Aromatic Cedar Closet

Check It Out!: Custom Mahogany & Aromatic Cedar Closet

Check out this $15,000 custom luxury closet featured on


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The customer’s input contributed greatly to this master closet design, as she is also a designer. She wanted the aromatic cedar interiors.

The center Island has electrical outlets and jewelry drawers.

In the closets are valet rods right next to the columns.

There is a bench seat for convenience and a framed mirror on another wall (not shown)

The shelving for the shoes are angled with stops to keep the shoes contained and for easy access.

The column design was repeated for the verticals between cabinet openings and the Island has a similar design for it’s corner posts.

How to Line a Cedar Closet

How to Line a Cedar Closet

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