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Mudroom Makeover with CedarSafe Planks

Cedar-Planked Mudroom

With winter on the way, and cold weather looming (for those of you in the North anyway), it’s important to have a place to store coats, boots, and other messy winter gear. It’s also important that these wet and dirty items are protected from insects and mildew. Ashley from Cherished Bliss knew that her Wisconsin home didn’t have the necessary storage, so we teamed up to create the perfect cedar-planked mudroom for her family.

During the school year, this mudroom will be used to store her kid’s school items, like backpacks and jackets. In winter, the entire family will store their coats and boots in the new mudroom to keep their entryway uncluttered. The hardware is versatile enough that they could use hooks for backpacks or hangers for coats. The aromatic cedar will keep all of their gear safe year-round.

Follow the link to her blog to read about how Ashley planked the wall of her mudroom.

A Master Bathroom to Be Jealous Of

Today we’re sharing our latest blogger collaboration with Maryann from Domestically Speaking. Continuing the trend of aromatic cedar outside the closet and inside the bathroom, Maryann created a simple but stunning cedar feature wall in her master bath. This project is great for those of you who loved Jaime’s bathroom from the beginning of the year.…Continue Reading