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How to Revive a Cedar Closet

How to revive a cedar closet via Meet Me in Philadelphia

Cedar closets are great for protecting your clothes from moths, but (like we mentioned in the last blog) over time the aroma and protective qualities do fade. If you have an old cedar closet that just doesn’t seem to be doing its job anymore, you can head on over to Meet Me in Philadelphia to learn exactly how to revive that scent using Giles & Kendall 100% Aromatic Cedar Oil.

Refreshing an Old Cedar Closet

Do you have an old cedar hope chest or cedar-lined closet that’s lost its aroma and protective qualities? You don’t have to replace the cedar or sand it down to refresh the scent of the Aromatic Cedar. In fact, renewing your old cedar closet is easy and inexpensive. Over time, as your cedar closet or…Continue Reading

February is here, and love is in the air.

What a great time to highlight our 100% Aromatic Cedar Oil because not only can our steam-distilled oil be used to rejuvenate a cedar closet, but it’s also used in many perfumes! Eastern Redcedar (or Juniperus Virginiana as it’s referred to in the perfume industry) oil blends incredibly well with floral fragrances, to make beautiful…Continue Reading