Monthly Archives: April 2014

Why Cedar?

Image Do you need to be convinced that cedar really will repel moths and other household pests? Today we’d like to share a study conducted to prove that cedar works! Visit our website to learn not only about how our Aromatic Eastern Redcedar repels insect pests but also about how the study was measured and interpreted.

Read the article HERE.

Survey Time!

Yesterday we posted about our new cedar survey, and today we’d like to tell you a little more. We’re excited to hear your opinions on cedar products, cedar closets, and Cedarsafe. We’ll be asking basic questions such as if you have a cedar closet, and your thoughts on why or why not a cedar closet…Continue Reading

Featured Product: Project PAK

This month’s special is our Project Pak! Each piece included in the Project Pak is made from 100% aromatic eastern redcedar. These cut-to-size panels are perfect for any closet or cabinet project, and will naturally repel and resist insects, moths, and silverfish. The Project Pak can also be used for off-season storage spaces such as…Continue Reading