Monthly Archives: January 2014

All About The Eastern Red Cedar

ImageAromatic Eastern Redcedar provides many uses to both people and animal habitat and is a natural friend to the environment.  Outside of the many uses to people, the Eastern Redcedar tree provides shade and cover for wildlife on a year round basis.  The berries produced by the Redcedar tree are consumed by birds and other animals, which help to propagate Eastern Redcedar trees.  When Eastern Redcedar is seen growing along fencerows, the seeding for those trees likely came from birds eating the berries from the Eastern Redcedar trees.Continue Reading

Low Cost Cedar Closet

Commercial closet renovations can be expensive. Do you have a dream closet in mind, but feel that it’s out of you reach? Check out this article on our website to learn how you can have your dream closet for less than you might imagine. Read the article HERE.Continue Reading

Featured Product: Cedar Sachets

This month’s featured product is our Cedar Sachets. Cedarsafe Cedar Sachets are made with 100% Aromatic Easter Redcedar. Our Cedar Sachets are a simple, inexpensive way to keep moths and other pests away from your clothing in confined spaces. They fit wonderfully in drawers, wardrobes, storage bins, and boxes. Cedar Sachets can also be used…Continue Reading