Monthly Archives: October 2011

Protecting Your Expensive Wool Clothes

Wool is the most popular fabric for finer men’s suits and women’s business clothing. Structured women’s suits have made a comeback, costing upward of $700 at stores. And, loose-knit sweaters in mohair and cashmere remain popular. In fact, the U.S. sheep industry produced 46 million pounds of wool in just one year. That’s a lot of suits and sweaters!

Woolen garments are a great investment. Since wool fibers resist pilling, snagging and breaking, they typically outlast synthetics. Furthermore, since wool fibers are naturally elastic, woolen garments don’t wrinkle, bag or sag out of shape. Continue Reading

It’s not Snake Oil, It’s Cedar Oil!

The benefits of cedar are not “old wives’ tales.” In fact, many homeowners today are rediscovering the wisdom of their grandmother who had a cedar chest to protect her “valuables.” At CedarSafe, we know she was ahead of her time and absolutely correct. However, only Aromatic Eastern Redcedar is scientifically proven to repel pests, such…Continue Reading

We’d Like to Put a Bug in your Ear

You know that cedar repels bugs and keeps your clothes and accessories safe from little critters, but just WHAT are you avoiding when you install cedar closets? In short – holey clothes. Cedar has been shown to be effective in repelling moths, roaches and silverfish – not exactly the types of visitors you want invading…Continue Reading