Monthly Archives: April 2011

Need organizing tips? How about 99?

I love getting organized. I don’t love having to shell out big bucks for shiny new containers or boho baskets to line my shelves. But there are a million — ok, at least 99 — ways to reuse things you already have to create organization in every room of the house.

So many great tips at that link but I think my favorite is to install a closet organization system. Yes, it can cost a little bit up front, but it is so worth it. In time saved, especially. Once I installed systems in my hall closets, I could actually find things again! Hey, there’s that collection of vases I’ve been looking for…

Remodel Your Home Without Demolishing Your Marriage

Remodeling — whether it’s a simple project or an all-out redo — can be stressful, expensive and time consuming. When you’re doing this remodel with your spouse, tempers can flare and that loving person you chose to spend the rest of your life with becomes Enemy #1. This article presents some marriage-saving advice from two…Continue Reading